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Field fences and equine fencing at Hutchison Incorporated

HW Fence GroupHutchison Incorporated has a large number of equine fencing choices for your fencing needs.

For rigid performance requirements, the Square Deal field fence is the top choice. It keeps its shape over hilly ground, and is sturdy enough to stand up to impact from large animals without buckling or sagging, and provides extra vertical strength One-piece vertical stay wires are tied to line wires and crimped at the joint to prevent slippage. The Red Brand/Square Deal fence comes in varying heights, styles, and gauges, each designed to fit your particular needs. Heights range from 39"-47". All rolls are 330’.

The Gaucho high tensile field fence is a 14 gauge fence that is 1/3 lighter but is made with a Class 3 zinc coated high carbon wire. Higher carbon steel resists sagging and makes it strong and durable, while hinged joints flex with impact and spring back into shape. Graduated spacing separates small animals. These field fences range from 26-47" high.

The CF&| standard field fence features a flexible hinge joint knot that gives this field fence the unique ability to spring back into shape. This sturdy fence stands up to heavy livestock, fence-jumping animals, and falling tree limbs. It is available in a variety of styles and heights, with both 6" and 12" spacing of vertical wires. Heights go up to 47".

The Red Brand/Monarch field fence has a knot that acts as a hinge under pressure, which springs back into shape while retaining its full height. This field fence features easy installation. Vertical wires are individually cut and wrapped for maximum strength and flexibility. Heights are available up to 47".

Our HW Brand Red Label commercial field fence is made in the USA. Available in 12 ½ gauge, the HW Brand Red Label commercial field fence comes in heights of 26"-56". Roll lengths are 330’.

HW Brand Brown Label field fence is made in the USA , it is available in 11 or 12 ½ wire gauge, and comes standard with a class I galvanized coating though it may be special ordered as a class III. It is manufactured to meet ASTM A-116 standards and comes in 26"-47" heights. Rolls lengths are 330’.

The non-climb horse fence offers flexible but rigid construction, and is ideal for hilly, rolling terrain. Its non-climb, 2x4 mesh pattern, combined with its durability, allows it to withstand any and all equine behavior, and prevents animals from stepping through. It comes with a no-maintenance, attractive galvanized finish. Heights go up to 72", and the fence feature the square deal knot.

The v-mesh fence is made of dense wire spacing that prevents possible hoof and leg damage, while its design keeps both predators and intruders off your property. The horizontal cables and vertical wires form perfect hinge joints, allowing for flexibility. This field fence is available in two styles, up to 72".

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