• HW-Tama Net Wrap Zebra Stripe
  • HW-Tama Net Wrap Zebra Stripe
HW Hutchison

HW-Tama Net Wrap Zebra Stripe

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Tama Net Wrap is used for wrapping big round bales edge-to-edge, improving silage quality and providing weather protection across the whole bale. The Tama Zebra system includes colorful stripes to indicate the left and right sides of the roll which aids in loading the roll correctly and provides visibility when coming off the roller. 


  • Red End Warning. Impending roll change warning system.
  • Zebra System. A symmetrical striping to aid correct roll loading and to help with bale un-rolling when feeding.
  • Uniform core winding. Avoids the potential of net failure when the rolls are free rolling in the net box.
  • Unique l/D number. Unique passport' for each roll, enabling full production details to be traced.
  • Strong packaging. Each roll protected by strong core-end plugs and wrapped in fully printed sleeve.
  • Guaranteed length. Every roll manufactured contains the GUARANTEED stated length, not simply a "plus-or-minus" average.
  • Guaranteed width. To achieve maximum bale coverage, the net must start out at correct width. Every roll is manufactured to the correct width on the roll.
  • Correct diameter. No roll ever exceeds the maximum diameter, unlike nets from some lesser quality manufacturers
  • Carry Handles. Allowing easier and safer handling. Patent pending.
  • Edge Guards. Helps protect roll from damage from improper handling and also damage in transit.


  • Width range: 48" to 67"
  • Length range: 7000' to 12,500'
  • Colors: Orange/White, Blue/White