National Western Stock Show

National Western Stock Show

HW Hutchison Family Stockyards Event Center

Opening at the 2022 National Western Stock show, this multipurpose building will host livestock events, lectures, and other performances throughout the year. 48,000 sq ft, and two state-of-the-art auction and show arenas, this new Event Center is sure to be the talk of the town. 

Junior Livestock Auction

HW Brand is a proud supporter of the Junior Livestock Auction. This year we purchased 5 prize winning animals and want to congratulate all of the exhibitors on their hard work and dedication. 

Macy Jacobson - Osceola, IA 

 Makenzie Rule - Hawaden, IA  

Tommy Janssen - Wallsburg, IA  

Parker Shall - Riverside, IA  

Jace Taylor - Blue Earth, MN

Stockyards & Bison Pens 

In 2019, HW Brand was tasked with making portable livestock and bison pens for the new NWSS stockyards. 3 years and over 5,000 panels later, the yards are finally complete! The new panels are made for easy set up and tear down while still remaining strong and durable. HW Brand was honored to be a part of modernizing the facility. 

Livestock Pens - Hall of Education

HW Brand has been a proud sponsor of the NWSS for over 58 years. Over the years we have helped update the facilities around the National Western Complex. Some of those projects include the pens on the lower level of the hall of education. These pens are used for goats, hogs, sheep, llamas, and alpacas. Be sure to stop by next time you're at the National Western Stock Show!