• Horse Stall - Square Tubing
  • Horse Stall - Square Tubing

Horse Stall - Square Tubing

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Our traditional stalls are made with 2"/14 gauge square tubing frame material. Vertical rails are 1"/14 gauge material. All vertical bars on fronts and dividers are at 3" spacing.

Stall door rolls on aluminum rollers for a smooth, quiet motion. Sliding door has a drop-down grill built into the door. Feed grill is built into the stall front opposite of the door for access into the stall.

Stall fronts and dividers come in 10' and 12' lengths. Dividers come in two styles; Vertical rail dividers and Solid dividers). Dividers and fronts have 1 1/2" channel welded into frame to receive lumber. On the inside of dividers and fronts, the channel is cut-out for lumber installation. Lumber is not included with stall fronts or dividers. Lumber is sold separately.

Stall can be set-up in rows as well as back-to-back using 2-way, 3-way and 4-way connectors. Stall connectors and Lumber are sold separately.