• Rubbermaid Stock Tank
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Rubbermaid Stock Tank

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Rubbermaid tanks are made of Structural Foam, an injection molding process where a polymer is injected with a gas at low pressure. This creates a cellular structure making the product very durable and light weight. Usually you can see a reduction of weight up to 20%. Lighter weight means easier to operate. Can resist extreme temperatures. Seamless construction ensures our product wonÕt leak, rust, chip, dent or peel.


  • 50 Gallon Stock Tank: 52" l X 31" w X 12" d
  • 100 Gallon Stock Tank: 53" l X 31" w X 25" d 
  • 150 Gallon Stock Tank: 58" l X 39" w X 25" d 
  • 300 Gallon Stock Tank: 63.25" l X 69" w X 25" d 

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