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36" x 120" 28GA Flat Sheets

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Galvanized or Painted Steel Flat Sheets are available for uses involving simple bending or moderate forming. These sheets are for general utility uses such as corrugated siding and roofing, culverts, window frames, heating and ventilating ducting cornices, eave troughs, etc. Minimum order of 25 pieces.  WARNING: Klauer Manufacturing Company is of the opinion that Galvanized Flashings or Deck Trims, no matter how high the zinc content should not be used in direct contact with ACQ (alkaline copper quaternary) or CA (copper azole) treated lumber. We believe a barrier between ACQ or CA treated lumber and any deck flashings or other deck trims is paramount. It is also very important to avoid direct contact between ACQ or CA treated lumber and any painted metal surfaces, such as between the treated rim board of a post frame building and the panel steel used on the building. At no time should aluminum ever be used in direct contact with ACQ or CA treated lumber. We recommend and distribute York products for this purpose.

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