• Energy Free Waterer
  • Energy Free Waterer
  • Energy Free Waterer
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Energy Free Waterer

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Energy free drinkers are designed for year round use without requiring the added cost and inconvenience of electrical current. Nature's ground water temperature does this job as it enters the drinker between 45¼ and 56¼ F. The waterers are heavily insulated to hold that heat. Simple installation as they can be fitted on existing pads; no heat well needed. Animal friendly flaps with no ball or float closures to ice.

  • Molded polyethylene construction
  • Larger drain plug
  • Patented door closure system
  • Quick release D-Clips
  • No tools required
  • Easy access to valve
  • One piece lid, no air loss
  • Closed doors prevent contamination by birds, as well as, protects against mosquitoes breeding - lowering the risk of spreading West Nile Virus
  • Built in overflow meets non-siphoning requirement
  • Water seal and foam rubber gasket
  • Corrosion free

The Most Advanced Design in Energy Free Waterers

  • SPI's energy free models are built of a polyethylene construction creating a strong corrosion free product to provide many years of trouble free operation
  • The polyethylene used in our SPI Livestock Waterers is FDA and HPB approved, food grade, recyclable plastic
  • Insulated with polyurethane insulation
  • Patented door closure system. SPI's energy free models have a set back seal and drain to help counteract the problems associated with door freeze up
  • The low profile design and fully hinged door provides animals better access to the capacity of the waterer
  • The combination water gasket and foam gasket ensures an airtight seal between the lid and base
  • Peaked roof and raised ribs around the door openings prevents manure, feed and other contaminants from being washed into the bowl
  • The waterers are designed with rounded corners to handle livestock abuse while ensuring livestock safety
  • These Livestock Waterers meet "Grade A" Dairy recommendations