• MP025E Electric Stall Automatic Waterer
  • MP025E Electric Stall Automatic Waterer
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MP025E Electric Stall Automatic Waterer

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Energy efficient and ruggedly built, but simple.

This describes the Brower MP025 25 gallon poly automatic waterer. This drinker can water 250 head of beef with dual troughs using only 250 watts. Our drinker has foam filled double wall construction and the vertical wall of our valve cover has PATENTED ports which allow natural water circulation and efficient heat dispersal into the drinker troughs. Other characteristics include a spring loaded pin allowing the access panel to pop off with the twist of a screwdriver, two inch built-in drain, stainless steel spring loaded attachment pins making cover removal and replacement easy, recessed, protected notches for secure anchoring, an overflow port , and dependable non-siphoning Durapride valve.


  • Model: MP025E Waterer
  • Dimensions: 34"h x 29"w
  • Capacity: 25 gal
  • Approximate Capacity of Animals: 125 Dairy/250 Beef
  • Drink Opening: 11 x 20 1/2 in
  • Drinking Height: 24 in
  • Overall Dimensions: 41"l x 28 1/2"w x 34"h
  • Valve: VP124
  • Heater Type: 250 watt Electric Heater
  • Warranty: Valve and Heater - 18 month unconditional warranty. Other Components - 5 years unconditional warranty and an additional 6 year pro-rated warranty.