• MP06E Electric Stall Automatic Waterer
  • MP06E Electric Stall Automatic Waterer
Hutchison HW

MP06E Electric Stall Automatic Waterer

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Versatility is key for the Brower Performance One model MP06. Water horses, calves, or wildlife in stalls, corrals and paddocks. Submersible antisiphon fill valve delivers about 2 1/2 gallons (9.5 litres) per minute; simple water level adjustment, easy to clean. 2 troughs, double wall, single piece poly construction-ALL SMOOTH! Foam filled insulation-R value of 7.5 per inch which offers lots of freeze protection. Easy access to valve and heater just lift stainless steel access plate. Drinker is very easy to clean-no disassembly for cleaning required. Large 2" External and Internal (5.1 cm) clean out drains. Complete with electric heater, 250 watts and 110 volts.


  • Model: MP06E Waterer
  • Dimensions: 18"h x 13"w
  • Capacity: 6 gal
  • Approximate Capacity of Animals: 100 Calves/25 Horses/40 Cattle/40 Ponies
  • Drink Opening: 6 1/2 x 10 in
  • Drinking Height: 18 in
  • Overall Dimensions: 23 3/4"l x 13 13/16"w x 18"h
  • Valve: VR250
  • Heater Type: 250 watt Electric Heater
  • Warranty: Valve and Heater - 18 month unconditional warranty. Other Components - 5 years unconditional warranty and an additional 6 year pro-rated warranty.