• Redbrand - V-mesh Horse Fence
  • Redbrand - V-mesh Horse Fence

Redbrand - V-mesh Horse Fence

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Fence Height
V-Mesh fence is constructed by continuously interweaving (not by simply welding or joint knotting) vertical wires with horizontal cable. V-Mesh's horizontal cables and vertical wires form perfect hinge joints every 8" of height, allowing the fence to flex. The dense diamond mesh weave spacing prevents possible hoof and leg damage and keeps predators from invading your property. The design also makes it extremely difficult to climb or get a toe-hold which keeps intruders out. Roll length 165'.


  • Fence Height: 50" or 58"
  • Filler Wire: 14 gauge
  • Top/Bottom Wire: 12 1/2 gauge
  • No. of Wires: 20
  • Roll Length: 165 ft
  • Finish: Class I or Class III Galvanized