• Eco-Bull Net Wrap
  • Eco-Bull Net Wrap
HW Hutchison

Eco-Bull Net Wrap

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Eco Bull has a breaking strength of 550 lbs. minimum guaranteed.  It has a length of 9840 feet and features right / left indicator (core marked one end in blue and white) with red end warning.


  • Red End Warning. Impending roll change warning system.
  • Uniform core winding. Avoids the potential of net failure when the rolls are free rolling in the net box.
  • Unique l/D number. Unique'passport' for each roll, enabling full production details to be traced.
  • Strong packaging. Each roll protected by strong core-end plugs and wrapped in fully printed sleeve.
  • Guaranteed length. Every roll manufactured contains the GUARANTEED stated length, not simply a "plus-or-minus" average.
  • Guaranteed width. To achieve maximum bale coverage, the net must start out at correct width. Every roll is manufactured to the correct width on the roll.
  • Correct diameter. No roll ever exceeds the maximum diameter, unlike nets from some lesser quality manufacturers
  • Carry Handles. Allowing easier and safer handling. Patent pending.
  • Edge Guards. Helps protect roll from damage from improper handling and also damage in transit.


  • Width range: 48 in. to 67 in.
  • Length range: 7000 ft. to 11,800 ft.
  • Color: White, Green ( Special Order only)