Flex Bale Feeders

Bale feeders come with a variety of options to provide the best fit for your livestock and overall reduce wasted feed. Our standard bale feeders come skirted or unskirted. We also have feeders specifically designed for feeder cattle, bulls, and horses. Keep reading to learn more about our Flex Bale Feeders and how they might be the perfect fit for your operation.



HW Brand Flex feeders are designed for every operation. Our heavier gauge Western Flex Feeder is designed  for calves, cattle and breeding stock who do not have horns. Our Bull/Stallion flex feeder was manufactured to feed horses, horned cattle, and bulls. Both designed to allow the feeder to move as hay is consumed, allowing animals easy access while reducing waste. Mud or Loop legs enable the flex process. 



From a larger cow calf operation all the way to a small homestead a HW Brand Flex feeder will be the perfect fit. With multiple sections that hook together with loops and pins it will fit any round or large square bale. This easy hook up also makes for easy storage and assembly.


The Young Homestead says " I have found the perfect round bale feeder for the small homesteader. No tractor required... come in four pieces that I can move myself."

Behind the Flex

The loop and pin connections along with separate sections allow animals to push each section of the feeder. The flex of the feeder allows animals to move the feeder and access the hay that was under each panel. The feeder itself drastically reduces waste from animals spreading or stomping on hay. The flex of the feeder allows the hay that would normally not be reached by the animals to be eaten.


Pursue Elevation was looking for a feeder that could hold up to their bulls and reduce waste. Then they purchased our Bull and Stallion Flex feeder, and said " We've noticed it prevents the animals from smashing it up and it creates less wasted hay. We are pretty thrilled!"


The standard round bale feeder comes in 4 pieces, but if you want to make a square bale feeder you can purchase 5-6 pieces and it will fit those bales better. 



Contact your local farm and ranch dealer and get your  Flex Bale Feeder today!