Hutchison Western has been making steel stock tanks for over 50 years. In the past, they have been used to hold drinking water for livestock, but many people have started using them in more creative ways. Our galvanized tanks are finding their way into bathrooms, kitchens, backyards, and even living rooms. These tanks can give any house a fun farmhouse feel. Here are a few ideas to give your tank a new lease on life.


Our round end tanks are perfect for planting flowers, vegetables, and even small trees in. First, you will want to make sure the tank has proper drainage. You will want to drill or hammer small holes into the bottom of the tank. Next, make sure your tank is in the spot of your choosing, as they can get pretty heavy after you add soil. Then, add your soil! If you want more drainage for your plants you can add some gravel to the bottom of the tank before filling it with soil. Finally, choose your plants! 


Nothing is better, on a hot summer day than a dip in a pool! Our round stock tanks come in sizes from 3' to all the way up to 12' in diameter, making them perfect for any size pool party. You can add a deck around the tank or even paint it  to give your yard that extra touch. 

Table or Chairs

With some modifications our tanks can be turned into patio chairs, coffee tables, or tv stands. You can use wood to create a lid and use them for storage or simply flip them over to make a quick and easy table. 

Other fun ideas

Some other great and creative ideas to use your stock tank include: drink cooler, bathtub, fountain, fish pond, a river tube, fire pit, etc. The list could go on forever. Make sure to tag us in your creative stock tank projects on facebook and instagram!